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What days will your phlebotomist visit our facility?

Routine lab days are determined by you – the client. Routine labs are drawn Monday through Friday and because only you know your laboratory needs, you decide which days are most beneficial to your patients, staff and physicians. We typically visit larger facilities 5 days per week, while many assisted living facilities choose one or two days per week to schedule regular draws.

Are there any additional fees to utilize the services of Seascape Health Alliance?

Absolutely not. Lab fees are in line with the Medicare Fee Schedule and private insurance carriers. Seascape also provides all blood collection equipment, urine, wound, sputum, and other collection devices, biohazard bags, lab books, and lab forms at no cost to your facility.

Will our facility have the same phlebotomist every day?

At Seascape, we understand the importance of relationship development between our staff and yours, and most importantly, we recognize the importance of the comfort, safety and security of your residents. Because of this, we make every attempt to provide recurring service by the same phlebotomist in each facility.

What if I have a lab to be drawn or a urine to be picked up on a non-routine lab day?

Simply call us and a member of our team will gladly stop by.

What if I have a STAT blood draw or urinalysis?

Simply call Seascape and a member of our team will be dispatched. We strive to reach your facility within one hour of your call for STAT blood draws. If urine is not a STAT and has simply been collected on a non-routine lab day, place in the refrigerator and call us for next day pickup.

Is there a STAT fee?

Seascape charges a STAT fee in the amount of $25.00 for STAT calls after 9:00 a.m. Due to holiday pay guidelines, (1.5 times the regular rate) holiday STAT fees are $35.00.

How long will our specimens be travelling to the laboratory?

Because we have relationships with local hospitals, your blood and specimens are never packed away in someone’s back seat or waiting in a cooler. To preserve specimen integrity and to provide fast, accurate results, Seascape contracts with local, trusted hospitals within miles of your facility. Upon leaving your facility, your specimens are immediately and directly transported to your local hospital laboratory for testing.

What time can I expect laboratory results?

Laboratory results are faxed to your facility by noon each day and, many times, by 10:30 a.m. They are also immediately available on the DHIN, enabling your staff to address patient treatment plans promptly and efficiently.

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