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Save Time with our Home Blood Draw Service

We know how important your time is, that's why we're saving you time with our home blood draw service. We offer full laboratory testing, delivered directly to you or your loved one, in the comfort and convenience of your home or Assisted Living Facility. 

With our home blood draw service, you'll have complete access to over 2000 laboratory tests without leaving your home. Simply contact us, and we'll send one of our expert phlebotomists right ot your home, colelct specimens in a convenient environment, and transport the specimen to our laboratory for testing. 


We even offer results in as little as 3 minutes for many common tests with our convenient bedside care testing devices. 


We accept all major insurances, and also offer affordable pricing options for the uninsured. 



Your time is extremely valuable, so why waste it by traveling to a laboratory for testing? We will send a licensed phlebotomist to serve you in your home or office. Scheduling service is simple. Our clients find our home blood draw service to be infinitely more convenient than traditional laboratories.  





Since we're a community, family run laboratory, we save our customers hundreds over hospitals and private laboratories. We accept all insurance, and we offer special low rates for those who are uninsured. 



We know you need fast lab results, but you also need accuracy. We only use the highest quality testing equipment, and factory testing reagents. We're a local laboratory, so your specimens are always fresh, and equipment and instrumentation used for testing is always current and properly calibrated.



Schedule an appointment with our expert phlebotomists and have results the very same day. Unlike our competitors, who can take days to deliver results, our results are available the very same day for most tests, some in as little as 3 minutes. 




We provide two types of home blood draw and laboratory services. Choose from our at-will home laboratory service, or our long-term reoccurring in-home blood draw service. Each is done in the privacy of your own home and at your convenience. We’re happy to serve you once in a while, or for more demanding laboratory testing, on a regular basis.



Our home blood draw and mobile laboratory service brings the hospital to you, making ours the easiest way to receive hospital quality testing in the comfort and ease of your own home. 

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