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Better Service, Better Pricing. That's the Seascape Guarantee. 

The Lab at Seascape is committed to offering top-tier laboratory services for both your residents and staff. We bring precise and rapid laboratory testing straight to your facility, negating the hassle and cost of transporting residents.

We stand as the preferred laboratory for nursing homes that prioritize high-quality, dependable diagnostic testing and services right at the comfort of their residents' rooms. Not only do we offer bedside services and transmit results faster than other laboratories in the area, but we also alleviate the burden of shuttling residents to distant hospital labs for same-day evaluations.


  • PRICING: We pledge to offer prices more competitive than any other laboratory for your establishment. On average, our services save clients around $600 monthly on testing and service costs for skilled residents. Reach out to us to see the savings we can bring to YOUR facility.


  • RESULTS: Being a local clinical lab, we promise promptness and the pinnacle of accuracy in our results. A majority of test outcomes are available before midday of the same testing day. Our tools and equipment are at the forefront of modern medical technology.

  • BEDSIDE TESTING DEVICES: For select tests, we harness state-of-the-art technology, deploying premier bedside testing devices that can provide outcomes for prevalent tests in just about 3 minutes.

  • FAST STAT TURN-AROUND: We take pride in our responsiveness and are always at your service, consistently delivering swift STAT response times, often within an hour.

  • COMFORT AND EASE: Acquire your results tailored to your team's needs. Whether through fax, email, or our online portal, we ensure immediate result delivery.

  • MOBILITY: The Lab at Seascape brings the laboratory experience right to your doorstep, and more importantly, directly to your residents, making trips to hospitals for tests a thing of the past


Our own highly-skilled, expert phlebotomists are sent directly to you. We assign reliable and friendly staff to your facility, so your residents will always know and trust their phlebotomist.



STAT Testing

Open 24/7 for your short turn around testing needs. We guarantee quick and accurate results when your residents need them most. 

Our STAT service is available at your discretion, and uses point of care devices for results in as few as 3 minutes. 



Seascape suplies all collection equipment at no cost to your facility. We utilize the latest collection materials, including the more convenient Vacutainer urine collection cups, which can be stored at room temperature for up to three days without compromising results.

Monthly Infection Control Reporting


We provide our clients with monthly infection control reports at no charge, deliverd directly to your inbox.

Fast Results


We will deliver results the way your prefer. Results arrive as they are processed, via our online results portal, provided free of service to your facility. 


We employ the latest technology, both in our laboratories and our mobile venipuncture service. With a focus on technology, we always utilize the most accurate, technologically advanced testing equipment to ensure fast and accurate results. 

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