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A phlebotomist at your fingertips any time you need us, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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On-Call Service 24/7

Time is of the Essence

Samples collected in under an hour, giving the subject less time to metabolize the suspected substance, rendering more accurate results. 

A penny saved...

When transport and officer labor are considered, our service is less costly than transporting suspects to and from the hospital. 

success where others fail

Even with a warrant secured, local hospitals often refuse to draw suspects' blood without their consent. Seascape is so sure of it's practices, we honor the warrant, every time! 

Prevailing in court

Our collection methods and record keeping are highly defensible in court, helping to increase conviction rates and keep repeat offenders off the streets. 

Seascape's On-Call Phlebotomy Service

Seascape offers a 24/7/365 mobile blood-draw service for law enforcement officers to collect blood samples from suspects who have refused field sobriety tests. 

Officers simply call our hotline, and one of our on-call phlebotomists will arrive to your location in under an hour. 

Our team of highly skilled phlebotomists are on-call around the clock to service local and state police, maintaining defensible collection and handling practices and testifying to the soundness of these methods if necessary to prosecute. 

A True Win-Win for Law Enforcement

Higher Prosecution Rates: 

  • Faster collection of blood, reducing metabolization while transporting the subject. 

  • Expert testimony in the instance of a trial. 

  • We do not require subject consent if a warrant is obtained, leaving no room for a case to be dismissed. 


Saves the Department Money:

  • Reduced down-time for officers waiting for collection.

  • Reduced labor hours spent on transporting suspects to and from hospital.

  • Pricing to fit the department’s individual budget.


Improves Overall Safety in the Community:

  • Officers are not babysitting suspects at a hospital, they can get back on the street and back to keeping the public safe.  

  • Higher prosecution rates are a stronger deterrent for first time and repeat offenders alike.

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