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Urinary tract infection (UTI) research testing solutions

Through molecular testing, you not only gain comprehensive insights into the specific pathogens responsible for the infection and their relative abundance but also have the ability to detect antimicrobial resistance in numerous instances. Harnessing the potential of molecular testing empowers you to precisely tailor medication therapy, thereby enhancing treatment outcomes and minimizing healthcare expenses.
Identifying urinary tract pathogens with our targeted UTI research testing solutions is more accurate than identification with culture‐based methods, and you can have results in less than five hours. You can even identify slow‐growing microbes and microbes that are difficult to culture when traditional methods generate ambiguous results.

The Lab at Seascape can detect 46 total targets. 

24 different organisms and 22 different antibiotic resistance detections. 

More Targets for Detection

Our molecular pathogen testing is 99% accurate, surpassing the accuracy of standard culture testing by effectively identifying anaerobic organisms that often evade detection within conventional cultures, thriving in deep recesses


We offer results the very same day! 

You can begin treatment within 4 hours of sample collection. 


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While traditional culture methods typically require 3 or more days for results, putting physicians in a challenging position, The Lab at Seascape revolutionizes the landscape with same-day UTI PCR test results, providing an immediate advantage over the competition's 24 to 48-hour turnaround time. This transformative capability empowers physicians to swiftly alleviate patients' symptoms without delay, eliminating the uncertainty that often accompanies initial treatment decisions.

By leveraging The Lab at Seascape's advanced Molecular PCR UTI test, physicians gain access to detailed and personalized treatment insights right from the outset, enabling them to advance patient care with confidence. Expect to receive final results within 2 days of lab receipt, even on weekends, ensuring rapid decision-making. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces unnecessary testing, curbs healthcare costs, and enhances patient satisfaction through faster and more accurate diagnoses.

The Lab at Seascape's Molecular PCR UTI test goes beyond the basics, providing therapeutic options for each pathogen detected, empowering physicians with comprehensive reporting that guarantees an accurate and thorough diagnosis. With this advanced testing solution, physicians can deliver optimal medical options, ultimately improving patient outcomes and ensuring the highest standards of care.

Clinical value of molecular testing


Real-time PCR (qPCR), especially when paired with standard culture methods,

has clinical evidence for molecular detection of UTI pathogens to support effective

patient outcomes [16].

PCR can be performed to target a single pathogen, or multiplex PCR can simultaneously detect multiple targets and organisms in a single reaction. Such simultaneous detection of various pathogens could aid clinical decision‐making, allowing quicker and more specific treatments, which may lead to fewer recurrent infections resulting from inadequate or inappropriate treatments [17].

PCR can also be performed in the context of large syndromic panels that can be designed to identify a wide range of possible targets. Such panels are molecular tests that detect more than one pathogen associated with similar and overlapping clinical symptomatology [18].

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We would love to serve you and your patients. Please contact us to arrange service or learn more. 

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