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Laboratory Based Urine Drug Testing

The only approved method for federally- mandated drug testing, lab based urine drug testing utilizes highly accurate equipment to analyze for a wide variety of drug substances, making it both extremely reliable and cost effective. 
employee drug testing

Laboratory based drug testing utilizes sensitive testing equipment to determine whether drugs are present in the urine sample.


The reliability and effectiveness of lab-based drug testing is a strong deterrent against workplace drug use. Our equipment can detect recent drug use within the previous few days, and offers qualitative testing for a wide variety of drugs, including both illicit drugs and prescription medication.

The only method allowed by federally mandated drug tests, laboratory based drug testing has become the industry standard to help determine drug use in the workplace. While it can not determine whether or not an employee is currently

under the influence, it can uncover evidence of 

current and ongoing drug use, making your hiring and firing decisions much more evidence-based and concise​. 

While laboratory based urine drug tests are very effective, the methods used to fool or beat the drug test continue to expand, both in amount of options and in their complexity. To combat this, our lab-based drug testing can also test for adulteration of the specimen, including abnormalities in pH, creatinine in the urine which can indicate attempted dilution of the sample by drinking excessive amounts of water or herbal teas, and specific gravity, which indicated if anything is added to the sample after collection. 

These and other specimen adulterants are routinely and accurately identified in every sample, giving you the piece of mind necessary to make educated human resource decisions. 

Not only are reliable lab-based drug tests important for hiring decisions, they can also effect your company's bottom line. Drug use in the workplace collectively costs U.S. Employers billions of dollars per year in lost productivity and higher insurance costs. 

Companies that incorporate urine drug testing procedures into their human resources procedures routinely experience a high return on their investment, making employee drug screening not just a safe choice, but a sound financial choice as well. 

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