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Drug Testing Options to Fit Your Company

The Lab at Seaascape offers a wide range of products and services to fit your company's needs, and help you minimize the impact of drug use in your workplace. 

When you choose The Lab at Seascape to conduct your employee drug screening program, you choose consistency, reliability, and affordability.

We have a range of individualized options to fit your company’s needs, including urine testing, which is extremely reliable and the standard of the drug testing industry, saliva testing, a new and convenient way to test for drug use on-site, and much more.  

Laboratory Based Urine Testing


The most widely utilized employee drug testing option, urine drug testing delivers reliability and speed at an affordable price point. Urine screening is also the only approved method for federally mandated drug tests.  

rapid drug testing
Rapid Drug Testing


Make hiring and firing decisions nearly instantly with our rapid drug screen services. Our rapid drug screen tests for 14 different drugs of abuse, and delivers results in 5 minutes, giving you the knowledge and flexibility to make split-second human resource decisions.

Medical Professional Drug Testing


As much as we consider medical professionals heroes, they are ultimately only human, and can make mistakes like any other person. The nature of their job allows them access to prescription medication, which increases the potential for abuse. Keep your medical facility drug free with our comprehensive medical professional drug testing services.

Oral Fluid Testing


Oral fluid drug testing has several distinct advantages over urine testing. This type of testing makes it easier to perform a drug test at just about any location without a need for a private restroom. The testing can also be observed, which makes it hard to adulterate the oral fluid sample and improves the overall accuracy. Up to 10 different illicit drugs can be detected in one testing.

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